This collection features eco-friendly frames, handcrafted from cotton-based acetate. A totally renewable, biodegradable and hypoallergenic alternative to petroleum-based plastics. Some styles are complemented by sustainable wood or metal details and most come with polarized lenses, establishing CASTOR as a leader in sustainable glasses.


The Wood Collection is handcrafted from the finest sustainable woods available. The hand-made layering carefully combines durability and design for a one-of-a-kind eco-friendly setting. All frames come standard with spring loaded stainless steel hinges and hand polished with a natural vegetable sealant that is water and sweat resistant.

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These are the materials we use to create our glasses (plastic, recycled tires, corks, HDPE, bamboo, cans and bio acetate). If we don't recycle them, they would make our planet a worse place, polluting the atmosphere, the oceans, the land on which we grow crops, ... everything. At Castor Sunglasses® we give you a second life. These materials give our glasses characteristics that make them unique: flexibility, resistance, lightness,… We do something good for the planet and good for the consumer.


The Aluminum collection is the creative result of breaking down various recycled products such as soda cans and coffee capsules that have been discarded. Once the metal is properly recycled, it is heated until it reaches its melting point. The contents are then poured into moldings for each of the custom frames in this classic collection. Aluminum is known to be lightweight, malleable, and infinitely recyclable. Following our sustainable initiative, this collection allows you to show off a classic look while bringing another more elegant life to recycled aluminum. Metal offers a strong yet timeless look and feel that other materials cannot.


Our metal collection is made with stainless steel that gives a very durable consistency to our frames and combines with polarized lenses with 100% UV protection.